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Organic Health Products

NTP Health Products provides natural and organic health products for premium quality, head-to-toe care, inside and out! To experience the best that nature has to offer for your health and beauty, please explore our fantastic range of health foods, supplements and beauty products.

Our Products

Health Foods

• Udo’s Oil & Udo’s Choice
• Manuka Active Honey
• Organic Coconut Oil
• Barrington River Organic Farm - seasonal produce
• Organic Black Garlic
• Styrian Pumpkin Seed Products
• Baobites Superfruit Snacks
• Ground Turmeric
• Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Health Supplements

• Udo’s Oil & Udo’s Choice
• Flor*Essence Tea
• Flora Vegesil
• Fusion supplements
• Heritage Store Castor Oil
• Oxymin supplements
• Flora Health Supplements and Essentials

Hair Care

• Surya Brasil – semi-permanent hair colour natural, PPD-free and vegan
• Honeybee Gardens Hairspray
• Surya Sapien Mens hair products
• Amazonia Preciosa Hair Care
• Surya Colourfix Hair Care
• Byron Bay Organic Shampoo and Conditioner
• Hair health supplements

Herbal Beverages

• Teeccino caffeine-free herbal coffee
• Flora Flor*Essence Herbal Tea
• Flora Herbal Teas

• Flora Flor*Essence Cream
• Surya Sapien Men
• Surya Sapien Women
• MattePerfect facial blotting papers
• Organic and Vegan Lip Balms
• Skincare health supplements
• Heritage Store Castor Oil products
• Byron Bay Organic Skin Care
• Auromere Ayervedic Skin and Body
• Fusion Dermaheal
• Amazonia Preciosa Body Care

• Dr Bronner’s Hand/Body Soaps
• Honeybee Gardens men’s range
• Amazonia Preciosa Body Care
• Surya Sapien men’s products
• Auromere Ayuvedic products
• Organic hand Sanitiser
• Surya Sapien Women’s products
• Byron Bay Organic Skin Care
• Fusion Dermaheal
• Heritage Store Castor oil products
• Flora MSM Cream

• Honeybee Gardens cosmetics
• Organic and Vegan Lip Balms
• MattePerfect facial blotting papers
• Honeybee Gardens cosmetic tools

Handmade Glassware

• Carafes
• Drinking Glasses and Tumblers
• Wine Glassware
• Energy Plates
• Glass Drinking Bottle
• Fine Porcelain
• Chakra drinking tumblers

Health Books Australia

• Alive Natural Health Guides
• Assorted Titles
• Udo Erasmus titles
• Masaru Emoto titles

Pet Care

• Missing Link Well Blend
• Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Soap
• Ora Manuka Active Honey
• Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend

Vegan Products

• Udo’s Oil & Udo’s Choice
• Surya Lip Balms
• Teeccino
• Honeybee Gardens cosmetics
• Surya hair colour
• Vegan health books

Health Equipment

• Water Ozonator
• Sota Lightworks
• Pure Wool Flannel
• pH Testing Tape
• Piteba Manual Oil Press
• Alalali Charcoal Cubes

Barrington River Organic Farm

• Organic Garlic (seasonal)
• Black Garlic
• Organic Olive Leaves
• Seasonal Crops
• Organic Tumeric
• Organic Fibre Meal
• Piteba Oil Press

Other Products

• Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds
• Fusion Dermaheal
• pH Testing Tape
• Pure Wool Flannel
• Raw Gournet DVD


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What's New?

This is our exciting page of newest products...

Cleaning Products

• Organic Clean
• Dr Bronner's Sal Suds

Current Specials!

This is our exciting page of special deals – usually for a short time only...


NTP Health Products is the exclusive importer of the best quality natural and organic health and beauty products sourced from around the world. All our products are listed for sale on our secure online shopping cart at www.ntphealthproducts.com.au/cart

Our products are made by some of the largest, cleanest and most natural manufacturers of health products found anywhere in the world, including:

Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd (Canada):

• Udo’s Choice - Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil Blend, Udo’s DHA Oil Blend, Udo’s Beyond Greens
• Flor-Essence Tea and Flor-Essence Skin Cream
• Flora Herbal Teas – 21 beautiful varieties of sipping teas
• Flora Supplements and Wholefood supplements – Vegesil (vegetal silica), Vegetarian DHA, Wheat Grass Powder, Psylliums husks
• Flora Herbal Essences - Cardio-Essence, Respir-Essence
• Flora Baobites – delicious, nutiritous superfood snacks made from the fruit of the African Boabab tree

Please view our entire range at www.florahealthproducts.com.au


Surya Brasil (Brazil):

• Fantastic hair colouring and care products such as Henna Hair Colour – 15 colours of cream or 12 colours of powder. These excellent quality, natural (plant-based) ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. NO PPD’s, no ammonia, no harsh chemicals.
• Colorfix Shampoo and Conditioner for aftercare! Natural and exotic ingredients sustainably sourced from the Amazon.
• Men’s and Women’s skin and bodycare, including Sapien Men, SapienWomen, and Amazonia Preciosa skin and bodycare products
• Natural nail polish

Please view our entire range at www.suryabodycare.com.au


Teeccino Caffe Inc. (USA):

• 12 varieties of Teeccino caffeine-free coffee alternative
• Available in teebags, or all-purpose grind.
• Roasted, ground and brewed just like coffee – but without the caffeine.
• Includes French Roast, Java, Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, and gluten-free Dandelion Caramel Nut and Dark Roast, and more…

Please view our entire range at www.teeccino.com.au


Designing Health Inc. (USA):

• Missing Link Wellblend Supplement for your companion animals, contains nutrients often missing from pet food, for lush coat, energy and vitality.
Honeybee Gardens Inc. (USA):
• All-natural cosmetics, skin and bodycare made from completely natural ingredients
• Truly Natural Lipstick – 25 shades to choose from, Lip Gloss and Liner too!
• Eyeshadow – palettes, single colours, compacts and loose powder
• Mascara – natural and high quality
• Deodorant Powder
• Hairspray
• Aftershave

Please view our entire range at www.honeybeegardens.com.au


Nature’s Design (Europe):

• Handmade Glassware and Porcelain specially shaped to revitalise and restructure water molecules, based on concepts of Sacred Geometry, Golden Ratio and Flower of Life

Please view our entire range at www.naturesdesign.com.au


Schalk Mühle KG (Austria):

• Styrian Pumpkin Seed products (certified organic), including pumpkin seeds, delicious pumpkin seed oil, toasted or raw flour, and lard – yum! Flour is 58% protein!

Please view our entire range at www.pumpkinseedproducts.com.au


Barrington River Organic Farm – certified Biodynamic

• Seasonal produce grown on our very own farm, including award-winning garlic, organic turmeric, pumpkins, beef cattle and more!

Please view our entire range at www.barringtonriverorganicfarm.com.au


Health food – various brands

• manuka honey
• organic apple cider vinegar
• organic coconut oil
• organic black garlic

Please view our entire range at www.ntphealthproducts.com.au

Our products are distributed throughout Australia. They are available through selected health food stores, organic food outlets, pharmacies, health practitioners, gymnasiums, cafes, spas, hair and beauty salons, pet stores and veterinarians.


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